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About Us

We’re a group of contractors who have spent most of our lives building, renovating, and improving homes all over the world. Our experience has shown us that energy efficient upgrades always save you money over a short period of time. Energy efficiency doesn’t mean you have to cut back on using your favorite gadgets, appliances, AC, or the equipment you use. It means you use them smarter. Building components such as like insulation, double-paned windows, and attic air seals ensure that outside temperatures have less influence on indoor temperatures, meaning you’ll need less energy to cool your home during the Arizona summers. And these APS rebates on Energy Star products can help lower costs. Here you’ll find an array of energy saving rebates and how to use them. But rebates change often; so we went a step further to bring the advice you need to make the right choice that saves you the most money right here, to APS Rebates.

Everything from your home to the pool. The right insulation in an attic that’s properly sealed to keep air from passing in and out of your home is a great start. AC is a precious commodity here in Arizona during the summer so ensuring your air ducts are sealed and not leaking air into your rafters and out of your home is another thing people don’t often think of. Double paned glass windows, windows with low energy coatings, and solar shade screens will save you even more. And there are multiple ways to save money when you do any of these things. The first is to take advantage of energy rebates. But the energy companies don’t always issue rebates and they change often, that’s why we have our professional tips and leads. A trusted, licensed contractor can perform your audit, give you a complete home audit, and help you choose what’s the right solution for you. Here’s the savings: dealing with the utility companies is time-consuming and complicated. We’ll work with you to do the job cheaper than you can through the utility, in less than half the time, and guarantee the quality care and service you’d expect from the best in the business.

You can also find rebates for energy saving equipment like your home appliances, variable speed pool pumps, and solar panels. Solar water heaters continue to be one of the most popular home renovation items that are installed. This equipment uses the energy from your solar panels to heat the water in your home and if you exhaust your supply of solar power, only then, will you use any on-grid electricity for water heating.

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