Envirotube presents the step by step building of the Greenstyle program

September 13, 2017
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Envirotube presents the step by step building of the Greenstyle program

In 2017 it is almost a decade since Greenstyle was formed. This film gives a step by step account of mounting a collaborative program run by three local councils in the northern Sydney area – Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby and Willoughby Councils. – from it’s very beginnings to implementation. Interesting for all but particularly for those interested in building a large community program from the ground up.
A lot has changed since the program was implemented nearly ten years ago. Many Australians have embraced solar energy and have installed water tanks. The rebates discussed here have changed too.
Greenstyle is a free service now run at Ku-ring-gai council. Just look it up on the net. Google Greenstyle Ku-ring-gai.
Presenter Peter Clarke. Director Howard Jackson, Wildhoop Productions. Re mastered for Envirotube.

Greenstyle home sustainability and garden advice

Ku-ring-gai residents are invited to request free home visits for advice improving home energy and water efficiency and also for gardening advice.
Home sustainability assessment/advice visit
Are you interested in improving the energy and water efficiency of your home and reducing your utility bills? We can help you take the first steps with a free home visit from one of our Greenstyle home sustainability advisors. This offer is exclusively for Ku-ring-gai residents.
Our advisor will walk through your home with you asking a number of basic questions along the way about your energy and water use to help identify the best opportunities for energy and water saving. Following the visit you will receive a report from the advisor which includes recommended actions, as well as links to further information.

This free service will include

A visit at your home which will take 1-1.5 hours
Energy efficiency advice
Water efficiency advice
Thermal comfort advice
Waste reduction advice
Analysis of utility bills and potential opportunities for savings
A follow-up report listing the best savings opportunities for your home with information on how to take the next steps

This service will not include

Architectural advice or assessment of building and DA plans
Advice on suitability of your home for solar power or what size system you should purchase
Advice on which are the best products to purchase
Installation of any energy or water efficient products

How to book
Our advisors are available for bookings between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. If you are interested in a Greenstyle home sustainability advice visit, please email or call 9424 0893.
Garden advice visit

Our resident green thumb is available to visit your home and offer basic advice, including:
Identifying weeds and effective control methods
Including more native plants in your garden
Creating a garden to attract and support native wildlife
Productive gardening
Drought-tolerant gardening

How to book

To request a free garden advice visit, please email or call 9424 0893.


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