Liberals say ‘yes’ to more solar power

September 13, 2017
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Liberals say ‘yes’ to more solar power

A re-elected Liberal Government will help unlock the next phase of WA’s solar revolution by offering rebates of up to ,000 to businesses to install large rooftop solar systems.
Unveiling a commercial solar incentives package, Premier Colin Barnett said the Liberal Party would further support the take-up of renewable energy in WA.
“These large solar systems will help WA businesses save money on their electricity costs and also allow them to sell unused power back into the grid,” Mr Barnett said.
“The renewable energy revolution has seen more than 204,000 solar systems installed on household rooftops and a re-elected Liberal Government will ensure we remain at the forefront of these advances by saying yes to helping businesses,” the Premier said.
This package includes:
 A rebate of up to ,000 for eligible businesses to help with the cost of installing a rooftop solar system of 100kW or larger (the system could also include battery components);
 The scheme will be initially capped at 50MW, which equates to about 500 rooftop solar systems, or will run for three years (from July 1, 2017), whichever is reached first.
 The program will be funded initially with million from the consolidated account, and extended by a further million following the partial sale of Western Power.
Energy Minister Mike Nahan said large rooftop solar systems over 100kW also generate Large-scale Generation Certificates to help Synergy meet the Commonwealth Government’s renewable energy target of 23.5 per cent by 2020.
“More renewable energy has been delivered under the Liberal-led Government than all previous WA State Governments combined,” Dr Nahan said.


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