APS Solar Water Heater Rebate

How does the Solar Water Heater Rebate Program Work?


The Solar water heater program is a little complicated in the way that the rebates are calculated.  They are based on the amount of energy replaced by the collector panel, so there is a range of rebates available to a homeowner.  Depending on where you live within the APS service territory and the type of technology you install the rebate amount will vary considerably.

We could put the formula up here, but unless you have all the specs on the system, it’s impossible to calculate, so we’ll shed some light on what a solar water heater will cost you. Solar installations for the typical household before rebates or other incentives, nationwide, average $6,000 for a solar water heater.

Solar-panels-for-energy-efficient-homeAfter applying your solar rebates that cost is cut in half to $3,000 while your normal electric water heater from your local hardware retailer is $500. So think of this as a 5 year investment, after which you save a nationwide average of $600 every year. After the initial investment, solar energy becomes far more economical than other energy alternatives since the resource needed to
power the solar energy systems – sunshine – is free and unlimited.

So, a solar water heater isn’t always going to be a sure thing for you. However, depending on your situation it could create a major cost savings in the future. And while we don’t guarantee prices, our vendors generally pass on their solar water heaters with installation to our residents at a lower price than the national average. Meaning, more often than not it’s benefited our clients greatly to make the switch whenever they’re renovating or upgrading their system.