Attic Air Seal Rebate

APS Attic Air Seal Rebate

Soffit that isn't well insulated

When temperatures outside your home reach an excess of 100 degrees, keeping as much cool air as possible inside your home becomes crucial for comfort and energy savings. Air leaks don’t just happen around your doors and windows. Most homes are full of hidden holes that let air conditioned, inside air out and overpower the ability of your insulation to maintain a steady environment. In Arizona, holes in your attic from plumbing, electrical wires, light fixtures, and other holes can lead to massive energy losses. Performing a home audit, like the one you see to your right, will identify where you have leaks and where you can start to earn energy savings in your home. Sealing these air leaks is a critical step to improving the overall efficiency and comfort of your home.

Create-an-air-barrier-in-atticWith APS’ $99 home assessment that is performed by a specially trained, Home Performance contractor you’re eligible for this air leak rebate of up to 75% of the cost, up to $250.

Sealing your air barrier with a licensed contractor is quick and easy while also not costing you much make a huge improvement in your thermal efficiency. For more Arizona home performance, Energy Star upgrades click here for their home energy suggestions.




If this exists in your home you're losing value air every moment.

If this exists in your home you’re losing value air every moment.