Duct Sealing Rebates

APS Duct Sealing Rebates

Are your Air Ducts Leaking?

Duct Tape isn’t supposed to be used on air ducts. Go Figure.

Air ducts carry heated and cooled air throughout your home. No one we’ve ever met is aware they’re losing roughly 20 percent of the air moving through their duct system due to leaks, holes and poor connections. Which means 20% of the air they’re paying money for is sent straight outside and lost to the atmosphere. Resulting in higher utility bills and fluctuating temperatures that are likely to cause difficulty keeping the house comfortable. Yet, a basic home energy audit and inspection can save you 10-20% in your cooling and heating bill with a properly sealed and insulated duct system that can save energy and money – and be done in a day. Plus, APS offers you money to do it.

Our APS Duct Seal and Repair rebate covers up to $250 per system. Certain upgrades are costly and require an investment leading to hesitation, however, a simply energy efficiency audit of your home and an initial air duct repair is a no brainer. Stop losing money that can be building toward your future.Air-duct-residential-installation After years of helping others with their homes, this is how we know to help you all with your lives. I hope you see that and act. Start here.

In conjunction with insulation and air barrier rebates, sealing your air ducts will greatly improve your energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort in your home.




Technical details on duct sealing.


What problems may exist in your attic?

What problems may exist in your attic?