Insulation Rebates

APS Insulation Rebates

APS offers insulation rebates to help save energy for homeowners and lower the peak demand load that the APS power grid experiences.  The way the program is conducted, a $250 rebate is offered to homeowners who raise their effective attic insulation from below an R-18 to above an R-30 value.  These values are determined by a BPI certified building analyst who conducts an energy audit on your home to establish initial values for insulation function as well as how “tight” the home and duct work are.  Home-insulation-rebatesThe attic insulation rebate is almost always paired up with the attic air seal rebate.

Many times when homes are originally constructed, even new homes, insulation is installed to a code level measured by depth of insulation or stamped “R” value for fiberglass
batts.  In nearly every case that I’ve seen (over 500+ energy audits) insulation isn’t not installed properly.  For insulation to perform up to it’s rated value, it must be installed in continuous alignment with the air barrier.  In Arizona, most homes are constructed so that the ceiling is the air barrier.  Any place where the insulation is not in alignment with the ceiling, the insulation will not function and won’t provide any benefit.

 Insulation Void Over Utility Room
Air Barrier

Another common mistake is not sealing any penetrations in the ceiling and wall top plates before the insulation is installed. This allows air to move through the insulation and carry heat with it.  All the penetrations from electrical or plumbing runs, as well as decorative soffits, arches and chases are potential areas where insulation is generally not installed properly.  This may seem like a small issue, but what happens with these penetrations is that they allow attic air to “communicate with interior wall spaces.  So that you effectively will have “attic air” in a bedroom or bathroom wall.  Sealing-open-spaces-in-atticOne of the main reasons that I have found that contributes to the problem of hot bedrooms in the summer in Arizona.  These two features go hand in hand.  Insulation just does not perform at all if air moves through it, so in order to upgrade performance of insulation a solid air barrier must be established.  Luckily, many of these problems are easy to seal with caulk, spray foam or duct board so that insulation added above will perform up to the standards that it was originally rated for.  With spray foam insulation, the product insulates and seals all at the same time.  That particular product may actually even qualify for duct sealing rebates as well.