Energy Efficiency Actions in ASEAN – Japan – Tokyo

September 13, 2017
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Energy Efficiency Actions in ASEAN – Japan – Tokyo

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is hosting a webinar series ‘Think globally, act locally’ to show how energy efficiency policies and actions are linked together at the global, national and local levels of decision-making and how potentially local actions can drive policy and market transformation at the higher levels of governance.

The third webinar focuses on the following:
• Global level: Facilitating energy efficiency uptake
• Regional level: Energy efficiency trends and challenges in the ASEAN region
• National level: Success story of energy efficiency policy development in Japan
• City level: Experiences from Tokyo on energy efficiency actions at the city level

• Aristeidis Tsakiris, Academic Employee, C2E2
• Rio Jon Piter Silitonga, Technical Officer, APAEC (04:42)
• Yuko Nishida, Manager, Renewable EI (17:48)
Yasuhiro Miki, Head Building of Env. Division, NILIM (32:23)
• Yasushi Tanaka, Senior General Manager, Energy Conservation Centre (46:21)
• Q&A (58:35)


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